Long time experience in offgrid systems

CONGAIA SIMULATION Straßenbeleuchtung

Long time data collecting and optimicing for best technical performance

IR photo for otimizing temperature management of the LED units


Steel poles:  CE zertifiziert gem. EN40
Solar panels: IEC61215 Ed 2, protection class II

LED-module: ENEC, protection class  III, IP67
Illumination standarts possible : EN13201

Electronics: IP67 option infra red programmable, different dimming functions


box / construction: Inox  / Aluminium

Electric magnetic fileds zertified EN 55015, EN61547

LED Photobiological safety IEC 62471


Technical data - custom made on your demand, depending on lighting calculation

Solar panel :80 / 150  / 300 Watt Peak
Panel angell: 20 to 40 ° depends on location
Battery: power and autark time as needed

Pole hight: up to 12 m
LED-power: von 10 Watt bis 54 Watt / 2x54
LED-light output: Philips Lumiled chips 150 lm / Watt
Light colour temperatur: 3000, 4000 optional 5700 K
autark lighting time: 3 to 10 days, depending on costumers demand and location