Hight power solar led lights with optimiced illumination

LED unit 60 watts
LED unit 60 watts
LED CO2 Design
LED CO2 Design
Congaia Lighting unit up to 72 Watt - 9900 Llumen @5700°K
Congaia Lighting unit up to 72 Watt - 9900 Llumen @5700°K

Hight efficient led power with optics for maximal illumination

Modular LED concept - optimal adaptation to the application
Special heat management system for hot regions
  • Different light colors 3000/4000 / 5700K,
  • RA >75
  • Different optics for streets and places
  • Power adjustable up to 36 or 72 Watt
  • ENEC certified
  • Sodular structure in flexible
  • High-performance Phillips Lumiled chips 150lm / W
  • Aluminum housing for excellent heat conduction for long lifetime
  • Special heat protection system for hot areas like Afrika
  • Optimized lens technology for even light distribution
  • Dimmable
  • IP67
  • long service life up to 50,000 hours
  • Dialux simulation with lighting calculation program
LED CONGAIA Solar Straßenbeleuchtung
lighting curve street optics

LVK OP 32 Optik
LVK OP 32 Optik
LED distribution curves
Congaia LED light distributions curves
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Made in Europe!