Smart  LED - Solarelectronics 

PWM solar charge controller with infrared programming

  • Optimized three-stage solar charge controller
  • Deep and overcharge protection with temperature compensation
  • Solar panels up to 300 Watts
  • 12 V & 24 V system voltage
  • Four different LED benefits with adjustable time and dimming level
  • IP 67 for long life
  • Special performance adjustment of brightness to the battery status = long battery life
  • Optional infrared programming with state information, 7 days datalogger
LED Power Control
LED Power Control

LED Power control option


This feature can be optionally selected. When the battery reaches a certain discharge status, the controller reduces light output, thus extending the possible illumination time and while extending battery life.


LED - Solarelektronik MPPT

  • MPPT solar charging technology for optimizing income
  • LED driver on board
  • Programming via Bluetooth
  • GSM connection possible
  • Motion operation possible
  • Programmable emergency operation when the battery power
  • Soft Light on/off function
MPPT Solarelektronik
MPPT Solarelektronik